Batched Keg Recirculation Kit (with pump + timer system)

Batched Keg Recirculation Kit (with pump + timer system)

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  • The perfect solution to settling issues with batched beverages
  • Seamlessly recirculates fluid from the bottom dip tube back thru the top lid connection based on an adjustable timer without interrupting faucet flow
  • Requires 3 prong 110v AC power source
  • Inline filter removes excess settled pigment from batched liquid

Kit Includes:

  • Circulation Pump for Cocktail Tank (45 psi)
  • Timer to Control On/Off Cycle for the Circulation Pump
  • Connection Kit for Circulation Pump (EJ Beverage Tubing)
  • Connection Kit w/Strainer for Product Dispensing (EJ Beverage Tubing)
  • Connection Kit for Gas (Blue PVC Tubing)
  • Custom lid with additional inlet connection to retrieve liquid
  • Fluid beverage tubing will be shipped as a 40’ roll and needs to be cut-to-fit installation.