Frequently Asked Questions

What is Top Hat?

  • - Is Top Hat just a cocktail mixer (no, we make both ready to drink cocktail mixers & cocktail
  • - Where is it made (san francisco)
  • - Does it have alcohol (not yet)
  • - Is it good (david chang, celebrity testimonials)
  • - Is it sugary / high in calories
  • - Is it natural/organic
  • - Festival born beverage collection

What are the ingredients?

  • - Does it have botanicals
  • - Is it good for me
  • - What kind of sugar or sweetener  is in it
  • - How much sugar
  • - How many  calories per serving
  • - What is the serving size

What does it do?

  • - Is it ready to drink (or is it a concentrate)
  • - Does this quinine thing have healing properties easy or complicated
  • - Am I qualified / is this a pain in the ass / will it make me look dumb 
  • - What is craft?  What is a concentrate?  What is a mule? 
  • - Does is already have alcohol?  Does it have a lot of sugar?  Is it natural or organic?

How do I get it?

  • -How fast is direct delivery?  Amazon?

How do I use it?

  • - Training videos?